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Daily Data to Drive your Sports Strategy

SportsIndex is our revolutionary new service tracking 200 leagues and events on 16 perception metrics across 38 countries. In field every day, 1.4 million surveys per year enable fan profiling for more than 2,000 teams across 30 sports with preference and perception links to 10,000 brands. This is what you’ve been waiting for.

When you can get same-day delivery, why should you wait six months for a data insight?

Real-time, global sports data is no longer a figment of your imagination

Today we’re launching something that has never before been seen in our industry – a daily tracking service in 38 global markets.



New technologies, consumer trends and seismic changes in media consumption mean changing business objectives. We’re committed to delivering more than just the numbers; we strive for solutions. Whatever your objectives, we have the people, tools and know-how to help you effectively navigate today’s world of sport, sponsorship and entertainment research.

State-of-the-art monitoring tools and valuation methodology combine with a powerful client interface portal to put actionable insight at your fingertips.

An engaged panel of 7 million ID tagged adults across 38 countries. A global picture of how consumers and brands interact through sport. Fast answers, segmented as you need.

Integrating Media and Consumer resources, our senior team of experts offer bespoke solutions to a wide range of strategic challenges. Clear evidence to help you make critical decisions.